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The enterprises of the new millennium will be capable of producing better products and providing better services by adopting highly developed technologies and in so doing they can obtain market advantages.

In the BERLINI PARK, the Autóker Holding Zrt provides an ideal, tenant-friendly environment with its reduced rental fees and the services it provides to innovative start-up and developing biological and chemical enterprises. In the area, provision is made for performing experiments on live animals, fermenting and producing medical products.

The Company, through its fair rental fees and rates for services, provides ideal conditions and a calm environment to innovative small-, medium- and large-scale enterprises.

History: A considerable part of the buildings that were constructed in the period from 1962 to 1980 are interconnected, forming a “U” shape, near the site border or directly on it. The site has a regular trapezoid shape; its surface is plain and is bordered on all sides by a fence and by the façade walls of the buildings situated inside the site.

The building heights vary: there are single-storied and also five-storied buildings. The whole area of the site has been functioning as a medicinal research institute and plant for several decades. The building complex has been undergoing, since 2000 onward, continuous refurbishment, in a manner that the individual buildings and building parts were dismantled to a structurally ready condition and then “re-built”.

Address of the Berlini Park: 1045 Budapest, Berlini u. 47-49. The facility is accessible from Béke Street, from Madridi Street situated perpendicular to Berlini Street, and from Szent László Street. Public transport links are provided by the bus line No. 120. Goods traffic to the site can take place from Madridi Street and Szent László Street alike.

 Inside the site, cars can be parked adjacent to the gate-house and there are also other unbuilt areas that can be used for parking. Altogether, about 100 cars can be parked inside the fence.

 The buildings of the medicinal research center can be divided into three groups: laboratory research section, administrative and ancillary buildings. Total floor area of the offices: 12,000 m2, total warehouse floor area: 2,100 m2.

Services rendered:

  • Maintained green areas, parks

  • 24-hour security service

  • Industrial park environment

  • Good accessibility

  • Parking facility

  • Well-equipped, stylish negotiation room and lecture room

  • Restaurant which is at the same time a forum for enterprises

  • Premises for common use

  • Services rendered for the needs of the tenants, such as fitness room

  • Telephone, Internet, computer network

  • Chemical, biological labs

  • Clean room technology

  • Offices, labs developed in conformity with the tenants’ demands

  • 24-hour operation/inspection

  • Modern fume cupboards

  • Cooling chambers

Technical parameters: The site is provided with all public utilities and services, it has 2 transformer houses of its own, which are fed independently, i. e. if there is a power cut in the line supplying the one transformer, the other one can supply the required electric power. In addition to the municipal drinking water supply, a water pressure booster has also been installed due to the special technological demands.

Effluent from the site is purified by using its own purification unit and then released into the public sewer. (The authorities regularly check the sewage emissions of the site.)


The site is supplied with heating energy from the Újpest Thermal Power-Plant. A compressed air network was built to meet the special demands of the lab buildings. The laboratory buildings are provided with compressed air, vacuum, steam and gas supply networks, and with 50 fume cupboards.


Commercial premises

The Autóker Holding Zrt’s Residential Property Business and Industrial Property Business often overlap one another. Not only due to the close co-operation between the departments but also due to the commercial premises developed in the various residential property development projects.

The Autóker Holding Zrt had as its aim, from its very first project, i. e. the Caesar House, the design and construction of a residential building where the comfort of the residents was one of the main priorities. This means that residents should be able to find all kinds of services inside their own residential building, and not to be obliged to leave their homes to find such services. 

This, in western countries, in particular in the English-speaking world, has been expected from new-built development projects for a long time, and there is even a special expression for this: “indoor shops”.

Since the Caesar House development project, almost every project has been implemented in a way that allows commercial premises to be accommodated on the ground-floor of the buildings, which would later be suitable for housing businesses providing various services, such as afood store, beauty parlor, café, facility management customer service, fitness room.

 The Residential Property Business, after the properties have been completed, assigns the management of the premises let and the administering of any new rental agreements to the department of the Industrial Property Business.

 On the ground-floor of projects in the VIth, VIIth and XIIIth Districts, shops are developed in almost all sizes.