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As the first step of the great developments, Caesar House was inaugurated in April 2002, which was the first residential property development of Autóker Holding Zrt. and has remained unique in its class to this day.

Of the five nine-storey buildings a total of 316 apartments are located in the city centre, in a quiet neighbourhood of District XIII, close to the Danube, in the area sided by Hegedűs Gyula street –Tutaj street - Visegrádi street - Bessenyei street.
There is a fitness room, a high quality roof garden and a two-level basement garage serving the comfort of the residents.
The main ornament of Caesar House is the classicistic style gate with a tympanum, the preservation and renewal of which is an important consideration in the opinion of Autóker Holding Zrt. Caesar House and the gate with the tympanum became the trademark of Autóker Holding Zrt. This building compound is also the home of the central office of the company.


  • 316 apartments
  • 0 apartments available
  • 0 parking places
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