Balaton Napfény Resort

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The spacey, landscaped plot is located in the west side of the city, connected to the long-stretched beach on the shore of Lake Balaton. There are mostly one- or two-storey holiday homes in the street, but some bigger, multi-storey resorts and guesthouses are to be found there as well.

When shaping the elegant, minimalist, high quality 50 unit Balaton Napfény Resort the main aspects were to be able to extend the 7-storey building with a two-storey part which allows us to create many different sized layout plans from the one-spaced to the four-roomed types; to create a large penthouse with a roof terrace on top of the tall building which meets all expectations; to provide as many apartments as possible with view to the Balaton.

Keeping in mind the capability of the location of the building and the mostly summer function of the apartments, each flat is built with a spacious balcony.

The speciality of the ground floor apartments is not only that they have coated terraces, but that they also have a direct connection to a private front garden.

The larger housing units will have panoramic bedrooms but most of all living spaces of each flat will open to the view on the lake with large glass surfaces.

On the 6.545 m2 site, in order to provide the owners with full comfort and service, among others there will be a swimming pool, a lounge, a sunbathe terrace, a playground, a roofed bicycle storage and parking spaces covered with pergola which belong to the apartments.

All these with clear-out material usage and appearance, modern building engineering systems and with the usage of renewable energy.


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