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Autóker Holding Zrt has been an active, reliable and central player in Hungary’s real estate market for two decades.

Award winning developmentPremium Development Company

Focusing on frequented neighbourhoods on the Pest side of the city, the development company has already built and sold over 3,000 premium apartments and received several construction awards.

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Silvia Robertson

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Our PortfolioResidential Projects

Since 2000 − following a complete change of its main area of business – the Autóker Holding Zrt has been concentrating its activity mainly on developing residential and industrial properties.
The residential property development projects were launched as early as 2000, in the most frequented areas of Budapest. By utilizing the existing conditions of our projects, we have become, over recent years, one of the leading property developers in Hungary.

In 2002, the first residential building of the Autóker Holding Zrt, the 316-apartment Cézár Ház [Caesar House] was constructed in a frequented area of the XIIIth District, near the Danube bank and the Margaret Isle, where the Head Office of the Autóker Holding Zrt was also housed. Close by, the 446-apartment Kleopátra Ház [Cleopatra House] was handed over, the sports facilities of which provide numerous opportunities for relaxation, and, subsequently, the Római Kert [Roman Garden] was commissioned, which comprises 380 apartments and, among others features, a unique interior garden regarded as a curiosity in the city. Parallel with this, our Company carried out four additional projects in the downtown area. The 53-apartment Heléna Ház [Helena House] located in the neighborhood of Deák Square and Andrássy Road, the Király Udvar [Király Court] situated at the corner of Székely Mihály Street and Király Street, as a 144-apartment building, has won several prizes, have become very popular due to their fitting, as new-built houses, magnificently into the atmospheric downtown. The 58-apartment Léda Ház [Leda House] that can be found in the vicinity of the Király Street too, and the unique Gozsdu Udvar [Gozsdu Court] building complex harmonically fit into the city part of the historic past. The seven buildings of the Gozsdu Court, together with the cortiles and the new-built part in Holló Street, comprise a total of 249 apartments and nearly 50 commercial shop premises.
Of course, while the downtown property development projects were ongoing, the preparatory work for one of Budapest’s largest residential property development projects was well under way, where the Autóker Holding Zrt proceeded to construct a new city quarter on the Marina Part [Marina Riverside]. The area known to many as FO-KA Bay [after the short form of the name of the former state-owned River Engineering and Gravel Excavation Company /FOKA Rt/] is situated in the XIIIth District, directly on the bank of the River Danube. Of the project, which required much preparation work and riverbank backfilling, the Marina Part Stage I has already been implemented, i. e. the first 3 ready-built buildings, comprising a total of 224 apartments and 3 commercial premises, the Marina Part Stage II consisting of 5 buildings and a total of 275 apartments, as well as the Marina Part Stage III, which is a building complex consisting of a total of 350 apartments and 5 buildings. In developing the new city quarter, the downtown trend was followed by constructing the Szinyei Merse Ház [Szinyei Merse House] consisting of 3 buildings, 200 apartments and 5 commercial premises. This project can be found in the vicinity of Andrássy Road, in Szinyei Merse Pál Street, where our Company combined the property development with the refurbishment of several old buildings, thereby establishing a city quarter in the VIth District, which was new, wonderful and good to live in. After the downtown, we returned to he Marina Part where the Stage IV, i. e. the Marina Part Premium was ready-built too, comprising 294 apartments and 21 commercial premises, thereby making way for further property developments along the Bay.

Our PortfolioIndustrial Projects

As Autóker Holding Zrt.’s residential real estate developments started in 2000 in the most frequented areas of Budapest, the company also launched developments of industrial real estate. Autóker owned industrial properties from the earlier era. In connection of the new investments, the old, very poorly maintained buildings have been constantly refurbished to meet 21st century standards, and the needs of tenants who now occupy these offices.

Our PortfolioCommercial Projects

Our PortfolioParkings and Storages

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