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Since the year 2000, following a strategic realignment of its core business activities, Autóker Holding Zrt has been primarily focused on the development of residential and industrial properties. Our journey in residential property development began in the most sought-after areas of Budapest, positioning us as one of Hungary’s preeminent property developers in recent years.

The landmark residential project of Autóker Holding Zrt commenced in 2002 with the construction of Cézár Ház (Caesar House), a 316-apartment complex located in the prime XIIIth District near the Danube River and Margaret Island, which also houses our corporate headquarters. This was soon followed by Kleopátra Ház (Cleopatra House), a 446-apartment development featuring extensive sports facilities for relaxation. Additionally, the Római Kert (Roman Garden) was completed, offering 380 apartments and a unique interior garden, an architectural curiosity within the city.

Simultaneously, our company executed several projects in Budapest’s downtown area. These include the 53-apartment Heléna Ház (Helena House) near Deák Square and Andrássy Road, and the award-winning 144-apartment Király Udvar (Király Court) at the intersection of Székely Mihály Street and Király Street, both of which integrate seamlessly into the historic downtown environment. Further developments include the 58-apartment Léda Ház (Leda House) near Király Street and the distinctive Gozsdu Udvar (Gozsdu Court) complex, comprising seven buildings with 249 apartments and nearly 50 commercial units, harmoniously blending with the historic surroundings.

During the execution of these downtown projects, we also initiated one of Budapest’s largest residential development ventures, transforming the Marina Part (Marina Riverside) area in the XIIIth District along the Danube. This project, situated in the former FO-KA Bay area, involved extensive preparation and riverbank enhancement. The Marina Part development includes Stage I with 224 apartments and 3 commercial units, Stage II with 275 apartments across five buildings, and Stage III, a complex of 350 apartments within five buildings.

Emulating the successful downtown model, we also developed Szinyei Merse Ház (Szinyei Merse House), comprising three buildings with 200 apartments and five commercial units near Andrássy Road. This project involved the renovation of several older structures, creating a vibrant new quarter in the VIth District.

Following these achievements, we returned to Marina Part, completing Marina Part Premium (Stage IV), which includes 294 apartments and 21 commercial units, paving the way for future developments along the Bay.

Autóker Holding Zrt remains committed to pioneering innovative property development projects, continually enhancing the urban landscape of Budapest.

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