Kleopátra Ház


Delivered in 2003, Cleopatra House stands as the second major project by Autóker Holding Zrt. in District XIII. Ideally situated near the bustling business and leisure center of the city, and, in close proximity to the Danube and Margaret Island, this development occupies a prominent plot bordered by Kárpát, Ipoly, Pannónia, and Gogol streets. The complex comprises six nine-story buildings, housing a total of 446 apartments along with several commercial units, making it a notable landmark in Újlipótváros.

In keeping with Autóker Holding Zrt.’s tradition of offering diverse living spaces, Cleopatra House features a wide range of apartment sizes. The compact one-bedroom units have proven particularly popular, catering to those seeking efficient urban living. Additionally, the garden-level apartments, which provide direct access to private green spaces, have been highly sought after by residents desiring the convenience of downtown living coupled with the luxury of a personal garden.

The true value of Cleopatra House lies in its harmonious blend of modern design and contextual sensitivity. Its clean lines and transparent structure seamlessly integrate with the surrounding architecture, which predominantly features prefabricated elements. Yet, Cleopatra House distinguishes itself through its architectural finesse and airy façade, earning its reputation as a jewel of the district.

This project exemplifies Autóker Holding Zrt.’s commitment to creating high-quality residential environments that enhance the urban landscape. Cleopatra House is a testament to our dedication to delivering properties that offer both aesthetic appeal and functional excellence, providing residents with a superior living experience.

With its strategic location, diverse apartment offerings, and distinctive architectural features, Cleopatra House represents the pinnacle of urban living in District XIII. Autóker Holding Zrt. continues to set new benchmarks in property development, combining innovative design with a deep respect for the surrounding environment. Cleopatra House stands as a proud example of our ability to create residential spaces that are both visually stunning and perfectly attuned to the needs of modern urban dwellers.

Kleopátra Ház

Budapest, Kárpát u. 11, 1133 Hungary
1133 Budapest, Gogol u. 7
Apartments available:
No 2 Kelén st Budapest 1138 (MARINA PART)

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