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With the successful implementation of the project's four initial stages, Marina Bay is was entering an exciting design phase. This phase marked the introduction of the first residential building to be constructed directly alongside the bay, ensuring the new complex plays an unique and distinguished role within the Marina Part project. Residents now enjoy unparalleled and unspoiled views of both the Buda side of Budapest and a marina that evokes a Mediterranean atmosphere.

The nearby Danube River offers an array of water sports facilities. Residents have the opportunity to go kayaking or, for those who enjoy speed, drive a motorboat. Additionally, residents able to embark on adventures from their own private yacht berth.

The six-story building comprise 42 meticulously designed apartments, each offering splendid views of the Danube, the mountains, and the city skyline. Apartment sizes range from 45 to 138 square meters, providing a variety of options to suit different lifestyle needs. Moreover, each unit feature expansive terraces, perfect for enjoying the scenic surroundings and enhancing the living space.

Marina Bay Residence promises a harmonious blend of luxury, comfort, and natural beauty. The thoughtful design and prime location ensure that residents experience the very best of waterfront living in Budapest. This development continues Autóker Holding Zrt’s tradition of delivering exceptional real estate that sets new standards in quality and elegance.

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Kelén utca 1-3, Budapest, 1138
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Parking places available:
No 2 Kelén st Budapest 1138 (MARINA PART)

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