Király Udvar

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Being the second downtown investment of Autóker Holding Zrt., Király Udvar (King Court) was built on one of the parts of Budapest which has a special significance, on the corner of Király street and Székely Mihály street.
143 apartments were implemented in the 3 eight-storey buildings, offering a wide range of sizes to meet customer needs. The buildings embrace an inner courtyard in the shape of an ellipse, which consists of two levels, the upper hanging garden and the lower rest park.
With their modest decorations, the wrought iron rails of the terraces of the apartments are reminiscent of the rails of the cloister of the classicist building that used to stand here, and simultaneously articulate the façade.
When the buildings that used to stand here were first evacuated then demolished, due to having fallen into dangerous decay, the two firewall advertisements created in the 19th century, that announced the stores of the late Mór Grossmann and Kristóffy & Németh, were recovered. Since there was no way to detach and conserve the advertisements painted on the firewalls, Autóker covered the historical advertisements expertly and placed the photo taken of them in the photo collection of the Museum of Kiscell of the Historical Museum of Budapest, while in the hall of Király Udvar (King Court) the memory of the two historical stores is preserved by displaying two realistic oil paintings in sizes of 2 x 1 meters.


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