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The Autóker Holding Zrt [Pte Ltd] founded in 1999 is one of the leading property developers in Hungary and one of the main market players in the big-volume residential construction market. The name of the Autóker is associated with such property development projects in the XIIIth District of Budapest, as the Cézár Ház [Caesar House] built in 2002, or the Kleopátra Ház [Cleopatra House], which, owing to its architectural specialties and airy façade, constitutes the pride of the XIIIth District. The interior garden of the Római Kert [Roman Garden] handed over in 2004 is also celebrated and has been awarded several prizes, and was completed simultaneously with the Company’s first downtown development project, the Heléna Ház [Helena House], which was followed by the Király Udvar [Király Court]. In addition to other downtown development projects, such as the Szinyei Merse Ház [Szinyei Merse House] and the unparalleled Gozsdu Udvar [Gozsdu Court], continuous construction work is in progress in the close vicinity of the Danube, but still near the City Center, on the Marina Part . 

It is not by accident that the XIIIth District has become the most innovative area of Budapest: numerous investments and property development projects have been implemented here, one of Budapest’s most rapidly developing districts. This district is also known for its sports and recreational facilities, with its pleasant environment, whether it is  the deservedly popular Margit-sziget [Margaret Isle], the Népsziget [People’s Isle] situated directly on the Danube bank, or the parks of Újlipótváros. Owing to the great number of investments and developments, the apartments in the XIIIth District are now in great demand in the real estate market. The Marina Part, which is a new area of the city, is situated in this district and owing to its attractive location and favorable features is extremely popular.


With the four stages of the project having already been implemented, the Marina Bay is now in the process of design, which is the first of the houses to be built alongside the bay, thus the new building complex will play a unique role n the Marina Part project, as its future residents will be able to enjoy both an unparalleled and unspoiled view on the Buda Side of Budapest and that of a marina evoking a Mediterranean atmosphere.

The nearby Danube offers numerous water sports facilities. Here, you may go kayaking or, if you are a lover of speed, you can drive your motorboat. Future residents will also be able to set out from their own yacht berth.

The apartments in the projected six-storied, 42-apartment building on the bank along the bay will have a splendid view of the Danube, the mountains and the city alike. The floor areas of the apartments are expected to range from 45 m2 to 138 m2, and, in addition, there will be large terraces that can be put to good use by future residents.


  • 48 apartments
  • 0 apartments available
  • 41 parking places
  • 36 parking places vailable


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