Marina Part Phase II.

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The second phase of Marina Bay, in District XIII of Budapest, in the area sided by Danubius street - Turóc street - Úszódaru street - Marina Promenade, was built as the continuation of the first phase, also right on the coast of the Danube. The sale of this stage, consisting of 5 buildings and a total of 275 apartments, started in 2004, and the apartments were delivered to the customers at the end of 2006.
Unlike the first phase, the 5 buildings were built in Mediterranean terrace style, which means that the apartments are located in a cascaded way on the waterfront of the Danube, and therefore each has a spacious panoramic terrace.
The park and the promenade in front of the first phase continue without gaps along the buildings of the second phase too, supplemented by a playground, in view of the needs of people with large families.


  • 275 apartments
  • 0 apartments available
  • 0 parking places
  • 0 parking places vailable


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